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AVR Oscilloscope Clock : O´clock

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Description: The O-Clock can convert your X-Y analog oscilloscope into an analog clock or terminal. In addition, it can be used alone as a function generator. It is very similar to the AVR Oscilloscope Clock Kit, but this board is all SMD and comes fully assembled. The O-Clock is based around an ATmega328 which is interfaced with a DS1307 RTC module and an AD7302 DAC. A cell battery backup is provided so the clock won't lose its time. The oscilloscope can be connected to the O-Clock through BNC connectors (not included) or by probing the CH1/2 turrets. Time and other options can be set using the on-board momentary push buttons, or through the RS-232 interface. A 0.1" pitch header provides access to the UART of the ATmega to allow for an optional USB interface using our FTDI Basic Breakout. GPS modules or other external PPS signals can be connected to serve as an external clock. The pre-programmed firmware is loaded with features. There are 37 display combinations to choose from. You can even use the O-Clock in terminal, or function generator modes. In addition, a bootloader allows for easy firmware uploading. The terminal application can support persistent vector graphics for creating and displaying games, like Asteroids, on other computers. Power can be provided by USB or an 8-15VDC supply to the center-positive 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector. Note: Power supply and BNC connectors are not included, see related related items. If you have the older kit and are looking for more information, it can be found here. New Features in Firmware V4: • New on-screen menu • Control burn-in protection frequency from 1-9 minutes • Vector graphics mode for games like Asteroids • Supports 250,000 baud value • GPS mode remembers serial port speed setting • Help screen • Alarm clock • New clock face • LED shows time in Morse code • Function generator 1 cycle faster • Use the IOCTL command to select unusual options Features: • Connects to your X-Y analog oscilloscope via probes or BNC connectors. • Two momentary push buttons to navigate through on-screen menu • RS-232 interface (optional USB interface through serial header) • 0.1" pitch header for external clock signal (GPS 1PPS, Rubidium Oscillator, etc.) • 37 display combinations • Display calibration mode • Intensity control • STK500v1 compatible bootloader • On-board Real-Time Clock IC with 32.768kHz crystal and battery backup: this clock won't lose time! • Optionally add a User Name to the Clock Display • Automatic Time and Date setting when connected to the NMEA output from a GPS device (TTL level serial connection) • Terminal and function generator modes • Demo and Fun modes • Automatic Daylight Saving Time correction for 2008-2014 for the USA and the EU • Clean Reset of the EEProm Configuration Data option


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