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Capacitance Meter DIY Kit



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Číslo produktu: KIT-09485
EAN kód: KIT-09485
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Description: This kit includes everything you need to make your very own capacitance meter, able to measure caps anywhere between the range of 500uF to 1pF. Many multimeters are able to measure capacitance, but they're rarely as precise as a dedicated capacitance meter. Not only does this product provide a great chance to hone your soldering skills, but you also come out with an accurate, fully functional, capacitance measuring tool. Assembly is very straightforward, and all components are through-hole. You'll get a chance to solder a wide range of components such as resistors, seven segment LEDs, a 28-pin ATmega48 microcontroller, and more! An 8-16VDC power supply is required, but not included. Features: • About 1% accuracy, <2% error • Measuring range: 1pF - 500uF • Automatic range switch • Zeroing available • Real time serial output of measurement read-outs with time stamp • Low cost and easy to build • Power supply voltage: 8-16VDC • Power supply current: <30mA


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