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Danger Shield



Skladem: 2,00 ks
Číslo produktu: DEV-10570
EAN kód: DEV-10570
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545,00 Kč (20,17 EUR)

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Description: The Danger Shield mounts on top of your Arduino or Arduino Pro and equips it with a variety of fun and useful inputs and outputs. The Danger Shield has so much potential; we can't wait to see what you're able to do with it! The shield's features include: • Three linear slide potentiometers connected to the Arduino's analog pins 0 through 2. • Red and yellow LEDs connected to digital pins 5 and 6 - PWM pins - so you can easily vary their brightness. • Three momentary push buttons connected up to the Arduino's digital pins 10 through 12. Those lines will go low when the buttons are pressed. • A photocell and a temperature sensor, both with analog outputs, are connected to the analog pins 3 and 4, respectively. • An 8-bit shift register set up to control a blue 7-segment LED. • A buzzer - so you can get sound out of your Arduino • Capacitive Touch pad - Using the CapSense library to sense touch. This new version uses a different temperature sensor. This product comes as a kit of parts, which you'll have to solder into the included PCB. All parts are through-hole so it should go together relatively easily; but always check your component orientation before soldering! Kit Includes: • 1x PCB Danger Shield Kit • 3x Slide Potentiometers - 10K • 1x 7-Segment LED - Blue • 1x 8-bit Shift Register - 74HC595 • 1x Temperature Sensor - TMP36 • 1x Miniature Photocell • 1x Buzzer • 1x Basic LED - Red • 2x Basic LEDs - Yellow • 1x Mini Push Button • 3x Momentary Push Buttons - 12mm Square • 11x Resistors - 330 Ohm • 2x Resistors - 10K Ohm • 1x Resistor 1M Ohm 1/6W • 2x 8-pin Arduino Stackable Headers • 2x 6-pin Arduino Stackable Headers


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