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This small and compact board will gives you the opportunity to add internet connectivity to any of your existing designs. Packed in compact plastic enclosure with DB25 male connector for the microcontroller ports and with the unique PoE (Power over Ethernet) feature which allows PIC-MICRO-WEB to take power by the Ethernet cable and without the need for external power supply adapter. The TCP-IP stack provided by Microchip is free of charge and royalities and allows you to do http, ftp, e-mail etc services. You can control the PIC GPIOs by web interface and to aquire and send data from external sensors to other internet applications and clients. With 128K Flash memory for programs and 128KB Flash memory for web storage this small device has all resources usually needed for general embedded internet applications and interface of sensors and machines to Internet. FEATURES: • PIC18F67J60 microcontroller with Ethernet and 1Mbit memory for code • 1Mbit data Flash for data storage • mini ICSP/ICD connector for programming with PIC-ICD2 or PIC-ICD2-POCKET • Complete web server and TCP-IP stack support as per Microchip's open source TCP-IP stack • Power-Over-Ethernet support (for use with MOD-PoE power supply injector on standard LAN cables/switches) • It's possible to use without PoE in this case DB25.pin8(Vin) should be connected to 24-50VDC source • encolsed in plastic shell DB25 parrallel port • 25 available signals and power supply on the DB25 connector • Dimensions 50x30 mm (2 x 1.2")


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