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PaPilio - LogicStar MegaWing



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Číslo produktu: DEV-11879
EAN kód: DEV-11879
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Description: The LogicStart is an open source MegaWing for the Papilio Pro development platform that provides you with everything you need to get started with VHDL (VHSIC [Very-High-Speed Integrated Circuits] Hardware Description Language) and FPGA development. This is the perfect MegaWing if you are just starting out with FPGA. Once paired with your Papilio board, the Logic Start provides you with many ammenities for experimenting and learning about FPGA development! MegaWings are FPGA add-ons that plug straight into a Papilio Pro board and provide everything needed for a specific application in one convenient PCB. Since this LogicStart is a MegaWing it won't work on it's own so make sure you have, or pick up a Papilio Pro, if you want to learning how to develop in an FPGA or VHDL environment. The LogicStart MegaWing comes equipped with a VGA video port, a seven segment display, 1/8th" mono audio jack, a 5-way micro joystick, an SPI ADC with an ADC128S102 IC, and 8 slide switches with status LEDs. If you are looking for a little help with your new FPGA the LogicStart MegaWing is a great place to begin! Features: • 7 Segment Display - 4 Character • VGA Port - 3r,3g,2b VGA Output • Mono Audio Jack - 1/8" Jack, Low Pass Filter, Delta Sigma DAC • Micro-Joystick - 5 directions • SPI ADC - 12-bit, 1Msps, 8 Channel • 8 LED's - User Feedback • 8 Slide Switches - User Input


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