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RF Link 2400bps Receiver - 315MHz



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Číslo produktu: WRL-08948
EAN kód: WRL-08948
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Replacement: None. We are looking for a new supplier for these, but don't have a replacement yet. This page is for reference only. Description: Sold as a receiver only. This receiver type is good for data rates up to 2400bps and will only work with the 315MHz transmitter. Multiple 315MHz receivers can listen to one 315MHz transmitter. This wireless data is the easiest to use, lowest cost RF link we have ever seen! Use these components to transmit position data, temperature data, even current program register values wirelessly to the receiver. These modules have up to 500 ft range in open space. The receiver is operated at 5V. We have used these modules extensively and have been very impressed with their ease of use and direct interface to an MCU. The theory of operation is very simple. What the transmitter 'sees' on its data pin is what the receiver outputs on its data pin. If you can configure the UART module on a PIC, you have an instant wireless data connection. Data rates are limited to 2400bps. The typical range is 500ft for open area. This receiver has a sensitivity of 3uV. It operates from 4.5 to 5.5 volts-DC and has digital output. The typical sensitivity is -103dbm and the typical current consumption is 3.5mA for 5V operation voltage. Features: • 315 MHz Operation • 500 Ft. Range - Dependant on Transmitter Power Supply • 2400 bps transfer rate • Low cost • Extremely small and light weight


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