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microSD USB Reader



Skladem: 3,00 ks
Číslo produktu: COM-09433
EAN kód: COM-09433
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Description: This is an awesome little microSD card USB reader. Your uSD card slides into the inside of the USB connector, then stick this into a USB port and the card's contents will pop up on your computer. Very sneaky - we love it! Great for pulling data logs off microSD media. This reader also includes an indicator LED which will light up if a microSD card is present. This device is completely plug-and-play, no drivers needed. Why is microSD sometimes called 'uSD'? It's an engineering thing. Mu ('µ') is a Greek letter that is often used in engineering. In electrical engineering it is commonly used to shorten capacitor sizes, such as 10µF. This is pronounced '10 micro-Farad'. Using that same terminology, we can shorten microSD to µSD, but we're just too lazy to figure out how to type µ, so instead we use 'uSD'. Features: • TF/microSD/microSDHC card high-speed reader • USB interface • Supports up to 32GB capacity cards • Supports Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7) and Mac (9.0 and above) OS's


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